SHF Curbside

Last Mile Terminal is your smart retail shop for tracking software in the USA. We help you deal with your everyday target in a hassle-free manner. We make sure to provide you with the best tracking software that takes care of everything. Notifying customers and yourself is now made easier. You can now have a complete record of everything and make your deals easy to handle. The software is not just easy to install but also adds convenience to your life by providing you with easy control. With software, you can make communication easy and build a chain of happy customers. The software is highly compatible and you will surely enjoy the comfort of handling your business.


Last Mile Terminal, is a company that has set out to help retailers compete in today's ever changing market. We are logistics automation experts, with years of proven supply chain experience.


Our products range from our full service 3pl offerings, to our Shop Hands Free mobile app and our stand alone SHF  Curbside delivery application.

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