App instructions


The app is downloaded from the iTunes App Store

Store set up instructions will be provided at the time of download

Store managers sign up associates, they will need to log in and then log off daily as per their schedule.


Once the app is downloaded you are ready to go.

Orders -Creating an order

  1. Once a customer makes a purchase, by phone or internet, select create order.

  2. Enter the customer's information, first and last name, cell# or email (then select next)

  3. Place the customers purchased items in a bag and attach a pre-printed QR code, or you can use an identifier such as the last 4 digits of their receipt number (remember to attach the receipt, or QR code to the order or write the numeric identifier on the bag or box  (Then select next)

  4. Scan or type in the QR code or identifier.   If you are scanning with the phone’s camera, choose the camera icon at the top right of your screen.  if you are typing the number in just tap on the box and it will allow you to type the numbers,

  5. YOU MUST CLICK THE CHECK MARK AT THE TOP RIGHT TO CONFIRM the Order is complete, choose next

  6. The system will direct you to place the order in a shelf location and scan the QR, or enter the location # ( all location #’s start with an Alpha character followed by a number(s).  Ex..A4. the system will display order complete

  7. once complete, the customer will receive a message that they have a bag at the store, (store personnel with notifications on will also receive a message)

  8. The customer's message is interactive, they simply click on the message and follow the instructions


Curbside- pick up or delivery


  1. When the customer(s) arrive at the store or in the lot, the arrivals ribbon will update with that customer added to the queue.

  2. Select the arrivals ribbon and then select a customer to deliver the package to 

  3. The system will direct you to the shelf location and ask you to scan the bag number (you can enter the number also)– if there are multiple bags the system will direct you to each bag as you complete the scans. YOU MUST CLICK THE CHECK MARK AT THE TOP RIGHT TO CONFIRM EACH BAG

  4. When all bags for one customer have been scanned the system will show the parking spot the customer is in or for in-store pick up the associate will be directed to scan the customers QR code, or be shown where the customer is in the parking area

  5. Once the bag(s) are scanned for delivery - the customer receives the delivery confirmation QR code and a readable number for the associate to scan

  6. The associate then proceeds to the customer and scans or enters the confirmation QR code

  7. The customer and associate are then notified that the order has been delivered and the customer is removed from the queue


System highlights

  • QR labels- both shelf labels and customer order QR labels can be printed directly from the system and the system will automatically advance the numbers every time you choose to print labels. The labels are configured for AVERY Style 5163 2”x4”10 per page

  • Orders that have been picked up can be viewed by selecting orders and then clicking on the picked up ribbon (this will only show when there are orders that have been picked up)

  • The Find Shopper tab under curbside can be used to give a customer a package at any time from looking up the customer's name

  • Find bag is a selection under the menu so that you can pull up the information for an order by scanning or entering a bag number that may have been misplaced

  • On the orders screen, you can drill down on a customer's name to see what bag numbers they had and then drill down further to see all the order information.

  • The menu includes a dashboard that will show how many pickups were completed for the month

  • Store users can be added or edited through the menu screen by selecting + to add or clicking on the person's name to edit

  • Notifications can be turned on or off in the profile section on the dashboard

  • If a returning customers name is misspelled the system will add the new spelling next to the first name used